Adv. Vibhuti Bhushan Sharma’s leading law firm in India for whom we first developed their website, later sought to enhance their legal team’s efficiency in handling cases, drafting, and obtaining citations. Recognizing a broader societal need, they envisioned a platform to offer free legal assistance to those unable to afford professional consultation fees.


Brainwave Technologies was tasked with creating an AI chatbot, NyayGuru, trained within the Indian legal framework to support the law firm’s internal operations and provide the general public with legal guidance. The strategy encompassed not only augmenting the law firm’s internal capabilities but also democratizing legal information for the wider public.


Our approach involved in-depth research into the complexities of the Indian legal system and the most common inquiries faced by the law firm. This allowed us to tailor NyayGuru’s capabilities to meet both the law firm’s internal needs and the general public’s queries effectively.

The Process

Developing NyayGuru, the first Legal AI Chatbot for India involved training the AI with a vast database of laws, procedures, and judgments relevant to India. The chatbot was initially deployed for the law firm’s legal team, assisting in legal strategy planning, citation gathering, and drafting. Following its internal success, the decision was made to make NyayGuru available to the public, offering free legal assistance online.


Explore the gallery to witness NyayGuru in action, showcasing its interface and the profound impact it has had on users seeking legal guidance.

results produced

NyayGuru has significantly impacted the legal landscape in India:

  • For the law firm, NyayGuru has dramatically improved efficiency and case handling, marking a significant advancement in legal tech utilization.
  • Made public, NyayGuru became India’s first legal AI chatbot and still the best, offering unparalleled access to legal information, serving thousands of users, and answering lakhs of queries at no cost.
  • The chatbot has solidified the law firm’s reputation for innovation and public service, enhancing its goodwill and indirectly contributing to business growth as it highlights the necessity of professional legal services for court representations.
  • NyayGuru’s success has sparked discussions on the role of AI in legal services, emphasizing the potential for technology to bridge the gap in legal assistance access.

NyayGuru represents a landmark achievement in the integration of AI within the legal industry, demonstrating the potential of technology to revolutionize legal practices and make legal assistance more accessible. Brainwave Technologies is proud to have developed a solution that not only enhances a law firm’s operational capabilities but also contributes significantly to public welfare. NyayGuru stands as a testament to the power of AI in transforming traditional industries and serving society.