Following its acquisition from Wipro, Opus CMC, a leading US-based mortgage due diligence company, sought a comprehensive overhaul of its digital presence to reflect the new ownership’s vision. The leadership aimed for a fresh branding and website to mark the company’s new beginning, alongside the need for enhanced SEO, digital marketing, and innovative tech solutions to streamline client interactions and internal processes.


Brainwave Technologies was entrusted with the task of developing a new corporate website for Opus CMC, complete with ongoing website AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), SEO, and digital marketing services. The strategy included the creation of an AI chatbot, named Opie, to engage users and provide instant responses to queries about the company and the US mortgage industry, and a secure client section for confidential file exchanges.


Our approach focused on understanding Opus CMC’s unique position in the mortgage industry and the specific needs of its clientele. This understanding informed the development of a modern, user-friendly website that aligns with the company’s refreshed brand identity and operational requirements.

The Process

The development process encompassed several key phases:

  1. Website Development: Crafting a new corporate website from scratch, focusing on modern design, intuitive navigation, and brand alignment.
  2. AI Chatbot Implementation: Launching ‘Opie’, an AI chatbot designed to handle general inquiries, and a specialized AI chatbot within the client section for more confidential queries. These chatbots were trained extensively with company information and industry-specific data.
  3. SEO and Digital Marketing: Implementing a robust SEO and digital marketing strategy to enhance online visibility, leading to top-ranking positions on Google for target keywords in a remarkably short time frame.
  4. Secure Client Section: Developing a secure login area for clients to download confidential files, significantly automating and safeguarding the process of data exchange.


Explore the gallery to see the transformative Opus CMC website, AI chatbots in action, and the secure client portal that redefines efficiency and security in the mortgage due diligence sector.

results produced

The collaboration with Opus CMC yielded impressive outcomes:

  • The launch of the new website significantly enhanced the company’s online image, aligning with the fresh start envisioned by the new ownership.
  • ‘Opie’, the AI chatbot, and its counterpart in the client section, transformed user and client interactions, offering immediate, accurate responses to inquiries, which greatly improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Our SEO and digital marketing efforts propelled the website to top positions on Google for critical industry keywords, substantially increasing online visibility and traffic.
  • The secure client section modernized how confidential data was shared with clients, streamlining processes, and reinforcing data security.

The comprehensive digital overhaul provided by Brainwave Technologies has positioned Opus CMC at the forefront of the mortgage due diligence industry, with a strong digital presence that reflects its leadership and commitment to innovation. The successful implementation of advanced AI solutions and a strategic digital marketing approach have set new standards in client service and operational efficiency for the company.