Signmakerz, a Shopify-based store specializing in a variety of LED boards, faced a unique challenge in the digital signage market. Unlike competitors who required customers to send in logos for design proofing before processing orders, Signmakerz aimed to offer an innovative solution: a live preview of business sign boards as soon as the user uploads their business logo. This functionality was unprecedented in the industry, demanding a sophisticated and technically complex solution.


To differentiate Signmakerz from its competitors and enhance the user experience, Brainwave Technologies decided to implement a feature allowing customers to see a live preview of their custom sign boards. The strategy was to streamline the ordering process, making it faster and more user-friendly, thereby attracting more customers and increasing conversions.


Our approach was multifaceted, involving extensive research and development to integrate a live preview feature within the Shopify store framework. We focused on understanding the user journey to design a seamless interface that would enable instant visualization of the product customized with the user’s logo.

The Process

The development process involved heavy backend coding and the integration of various APIs to support the live preview feature. Our team worked on creating a robust system that could instantly render a mockup of the sign board based on the user’s logo upload. We also developed a dynamic pricing tool that adjusted the cost based on the selected size and color options, allowing customers to make informed decisions and place orders directly on the website.


Explore our gallery showcasing the innovative live preview functionality and custom LED sign designs crafted for Signmakerz.

results produced

The introduction of the live preview feature on Signmakerz was a groundbreaking success. It positioned the store as a leader in innovation within the signage industry, offering a unique value proposition that set it apart from competitors. The immediate visualization and customization resulted in:

  • A significant increase in user engagement and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced conversion rates due to the streamlined ordering process.
  • Positive feedback from customers who enjoyed the autonomy and immediacy of designing their sign boards.
  • A boost in sales as users were more inclined to complete purchases without the wait times traditionally associated with design proofs.

This case study exemplifies how Brainwave Technologies leveraged advanced coding and API integration to transform the online signage design process, creating a distinctive and efficient customer experience that drove business growth for Signmakerz.