In its nascent stages, Tradebit faced the monumental task of establishing itself in the vast and competitive online marketplace for digital products. With ambitions to become a leading platform for millions of digital files, the challenge lay in scaling their operations, enhancing their digital footprint, and fostering a robust seller and buyer ecosystem.


Partnering with Tradebit during these foundational years, Brainwave Technologies crafted a comprehensive strategy focused on robust SEO, effective link building, targeted online marketing, and streamlining ecommerce operations. Our primary objective was to significantly increase Tradebit’s visibility, improve user experience, and drive higher volumes of transactions.


Our approach was multifaceted, understanding that Tradebit’s success depended not just on attracting traffic, but on creating a seamless, efficient, and rewarding experience for both merchants and customers. This required both technical and marketing ingenuity to ensure Tradebit stood out in a crowded marketplace.

The Process

  • SEO and Link Building: Developed and executed a sophisticated SEO strategy that propelled Tradebit to the top of search engine results for countless keywords, paired with a comprehensive link-building campaign to boost site authority.
  • Online Marketing: Leveraged a mix of content marketing, PPC campaigns, and social media engagement to draw significant attention to Tradebit, highlighting its unique value proposition and extensive digital product offerings.
  • E-commerce Operations: Overhauled back-office management processes, simplifying the listing, selling, and buying procedures to enhance operational efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Growth Monitoring: Continuously analyzed performance data to refine strategies and ensure scalable growth, adapting to the evolving digital marketplace dynamics.


Discover the gallery for insights into the enhanced Tradebit experience and the strategic initiatives that propelled its journey to success.

results produced

The collaboration yielded transformative results for Tradebit:

  • Established Tradebit as the world’s largest marketplace for digital files, with a dramatic increase in monthly visits and a customer base growing to over 2.5 million satisfied users.
  • Significantly improved organic search rankings and online visibility, resulting in a manifold increase in transactions and revenue.
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies that allowed for scalable growth, setting a solid foundation for future expansion.
  • Contributed to Tradebit’s attractiveness as an acquisition target, culminating in its successful acquisition by a major group.

Brainwave Technologies’ strategic involvement with Tradebit in its early years played a pivotal role in its growth story. From foundational SEO efforts to operational optimization, our work not only propelled Tradebit to market leadership but also established a strong platform that continues to thrive post-acquisition. This case study stands as a testament to our ability to drive digital marketplaces towards unprecedented success.