Woodly Crafts, a Shopify-based store specializing in personalized wood name signs, initially managed order processing manually, a method that was time-consuming and prone to errors. The client sought an innovative solution to streamline the ordering process and enhance the customer experience by allowing users to visualize custom designs in real time.


Brainwave Technologies aimed to revolutionize Woodly Crafts’ customer experience by introducing a live mockup feature. This tool would enable customers to see a live preview of their custom wood signs, choose base materials, colors, fonts, and visualize the product in various home settings, all while automating the order to CNC machine process.


Our approach involved a deep dive into the customer’s journey to identify key touchpoints where enhancements could be made. Recognizing the need for a seamless and interactive design experience, we set out to create a comprehensive mockup configurator that was intuitive and user-friendly.

The Process

Developing the live mockup tool required substantial custom coding and integration within the Shopify framework. The team focused on creating a flexible and dynamic configurator capable of offering real-time previews, size and material selection, and a unique visualization of the product in different room settings. Additionally, we engineered the system to export the final design in a CNC-compatible format, fully automating the production process.


Explore the gallery to see the transformative live mockup tool and the stunning variety of custom wood signs crafted for homes.

results produced

The implementation of the live mockup feature for Woodly Crafts marked a significant milestone in custom wood signage online retail:

  • Dramatically improved user engagement by offering a personalized and immersive design experience.
  • Increased conversion rates due to the efficiency and novelty of the live preview feature.
  • Received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback for the ability to visualize products in real-life settings.
  • Achieved full automation of the order to production process, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy.
  • Positioned Woodly Crafts as a pioneer in the market, being the first to offer such an advanced and customer-centric online ordering feature.

This case study highlights Brainwave Technologies’ ability to deliver innovative digital solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations, setting a new standard in personalized e-commerce experiences.