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Brainwave Technologies has played a pivotal role in developing and elevating our e-commerce stores to new heights with their innovative customization and optimization strategies. Their understanding of our market and the tailored solutions provided have significantly boosted our sales and enhanced customer experience. The professionalism and creativity of their team have made them an invaluable partner to Cuddle Marketing. We highly recommend Brainwave Technologies to any business looking to make a substantial impact in the e-commerce space.


For 4 years, Gaurav and team did back office work for us and we constantly gave them jobs. They are reliable, finishes the job on time and calls for moderate prices. I give 5 stars to the team :)

Ralf S., Tradebit.com

Partnering with Brainwave Technologies for SEO, link building, and digital marketing services has been a remarkable journey. Their strategic approach and meticulous execution have significantly boosted our clients’ online visibility and engagement. The team’s expertise and dedication to delivering results have set them apart as a valuable asset to our digital agency. Brainwave Technologies has not only met our expectations but exceeded them, making them a go-to partner for digital success.

Brainwave Technologies’ development of the NyayGuru AI chatbot has been a game-changer for our legal practice and the community we serve. Their innovative approach not only streamlined our internal processes but also opened up new avenues for public legal assistance. NyayGuru stands as a testament to their skill in creating technology that truly makes a difference. I wholeheartedly endorse Brainwave Technologies for any project that seeks to blend innovation with social impact.

Adv. Vibhuti Bhushan, LAW FIRM

Brainwave Technologies has revolutionized our operational efficiency and digital interaction at Sand Dunes Group of Educational Institutes through their exceptional website and ERP solution development. Their dedication and innovation have notably streamlined our processes, enhancing our educational delivery. I highly recommend their expertise for any institution aiming to upgrade their digital infrastructure.


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